This page contains links to and more information on resources as I mention them in my blog.

Body Learning by Michael Gelb is a great general introduction to the Alexander Technique. In particular it goes through the Practical Principles (Gelb refers to them as Operational Ideas) that make up what is the Alexander Technique.

Change Your Posture Change Your Life by Richard Brennan is a great book looking at posture from the perspective of the Alexander Technique. Straight forward and clear. A good read.

A book stand is a great tool to have around. It can prop up books, newspapers (yes the old fashioned kind), magazines and tablet computers at a good angle so you don’t disrupt the head-spine relationship when reading. Make sure you get one that is adjustable so you can prop up your reading material at several different angles. If you read with bifocals you will probably want the reading material lower than someone who has single lenses or doesn’t wear glasses. I have had this bookchair for 15 years and can highly recommend it. Good quality.

A cover for your tablet computer, such as the Smart Case or Smart Cover from Apple for the iPad, help to protect the tablet but also prop it up at a better angle for reading, viewing or typing. I find that typically these covers don’t allow as much adjustability in angles as the bookchair above.

A slant board for writing is also a great tool to have around. It can prop up your work surface at a good angle so you don’t disrupt the head-spine relationship when writing. If you invest in one make sure it is adjustable. I own this one from Health By Design. It is well made and easy to adjust.

A commercially made wedge cushion can make active or task sitting much more comfortable. If you buy one I recommend a very firm one. This one by Relaxoback in extra firm is one I recommend.

I love (did I say love?) these walking poles from Exerstrider. Since I love to walk for exercise, I use them for upper body strengthening. I use them with some of my students to help with balance. No straps. Comfortable. Lightweight. Adjustable. Super easy to use.


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